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Smm headquarters

SMM Headquarters is a digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. Its founder is an expert in digital marketing and advertising, and she, like no other, understands the necessity to put one’s best foot forward online. A marketing agency’s reputation starts with its website! The SMM Headquarters site was in dire need of an update.

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Our Task

The website development project for SMM Headquarters had the standard requirements of building a site that would be functional and easy on the eyes. In addition, it also had some very specific marketing components we needed to account for. Email marketing integrations such as a newsletter sign-up forms were required, along with dynamic social media widgets. The client also stressed the importance of having website loading speeds up to modern standards. Because her old website was extremely slow to load, her Google rankings suffered as a result.

What we did

By the client’s request, we built her new website on WordPress. The team working on the project included our UX designer, graphic designer, frontend and backend developers. We paid special attention to each page’s usability and optimization for fast loading times. The final product included a visually appealing blog section, a short and long contact form, social media widgets, integrations with Google Maps, and a custom antispam protection tool.




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Fully Responsive

With site loading speed at the forefront of our client’s mind, we paid close attention to its performance on all major devices and operating systems. The final product was tested extensively to ensure it was fully responsive and fast regardless of where it was accessed.