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An interactive catalogue of art objects with a large database and a robust internal search engine of museum collections, exhibit items, artists and events worldwide.

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Our Task

Full platform design and development, including database design, implementation of a complex internal search engine and admin-only functions.

What we did

We have built FindMuseum from scratch to include several standout features not readily available in similar resources, such as:

  • convenient search with filtering by country, city and category, among others;
  • a cross-referencing functionality throughout the database that facilitates browsing of the catalogue;
  • a well-integrated social platform that allows users to rate and review exhibits, subscribe to other users' updates, create collections of exhibits and lists of events to attend;
  • an administrator-only import feature to enable quick catalogue additions;
  • large volumes of data handled (up to 500,000 units of each type);
  • an optimized responsive mobile version;- multi-language support.


Wordpress JQuery Bootstrap Google Maps API


OneAll Social

Full-stack Development

We have created, put together and connected the complex layout of every function of the portal, including the internal search engine, the profile pages for museums and artworks, and the database. We have also developed a customized admin panel for easy portal management, with several custom WordPress plugins to streamline content updates and other changes.

Fully Responsive

FindMuseum is fully optimized for use on mobile, maintaining all of its features and the familiar stylishlook that takes into account the target user demographic of the platform.